Alternative Dispute Resolution Services – Construction Matters


Marty brings his experience working for engineering consultants and over 30 years of legal experience with construction matters when serving as an arbitrator or mediator in construction disputes.


Marty’s experience with arbitration of construction matters includes numerous cases as an advocate and as an arbitrator. As an advocate, Marty has represented public and private owners, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in private arbitration proceedings and in cases before the American Arbitration Association. As an arbitrator, Marty is on the roster of neutrals of the American Arbitration Association for construction disputes and he has served as a sole arbitrator and on panels of three arbitrators.

As an advocate, Marty has represented parties in dozens of mediations over his thirty-plus years of practice involving both two-party and multi-party disputes. Marty has completed the AAA mediator training program and he has served as a mediator in numerous two-party and multi-party mediations involving construction disputes.


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